A female boxing coach is forced to draw the line between mentor and protector when her star pupil, a recovering addict, is threatened by a violent partner. Featuring Natasha Pring and Charity Wakefield, with performances from Sinead Matthews, Raymond Waring and Imogen Bain. Wraps is currently appearing in festivals worldwide.

About the film

A film set in the colliding worlds of boxing and substance recovery, ‘wraps’ are both the pieces of binding that boxers use to protect their hands, and the plastic baggies used by dealers and addicts to store and transport heroin. 

The film is about Fran, a boxing coach running from her own violent past, who takes a regular class for at-risk women in her North London boxing club. When her protégé, Ivy, a recovering drug addict, appears at the gym with a black eye, Fran must decide how best to aid her star pupil: take action and risk pushing Ivy away? Or hope that providing a safe haven is enough.

Cast and crew

Wraps stars Natasha Pring as Fran and Charity Wakefield as Ivy, also featuring Sinead Matthews, Jade Williams, Raymond Waring and Imogen Bain.

Produced by Charity Wakefield, Mouktar Mohammed and Frank Tamburin. Written and created by Natasha Pring. DOP, James Layton. Editor, Jason Yi. Directed by Frank Tamburin.


Wraps has so far been selected to feature at the Paris Short Film Festival, Euroshorts, and the London and New York Lift Off Festivals, being nominated for Best Film and Best Ensemble Performance by the Global Lift Off Festivals.

Photos by Rob Ford and Si Brandon.

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