"Intriguing and fantastically original" Ed Fest Mag

"One of the most enjoyable, quirky hours at the Fringe" The List

"An absolute riot" Theatre News

"Movie buffs, this one's definitely for you" The Scotsman

Featuring at RADA Festival and the Pleasance Queen Dome for Edinburgh Fringe 2016, Dusty Horne's Sound and Fury is an immersive collision of theatre and cinema, as the greatest foley artist you never heard of presents live sound effects to Hitchcock classics and terrible B-movies. You won't believe your ears.


Cinema will never sound the same.

It’s 1963. The pioneer of cinematic sound, Jack Foley, has inspired a generation of great ‘foley artists’.

Dusty Horne is not one of them.

Nevertheless, Dusty will attempt to join the pantheon of celluloid greatness by revealing the secrets of her craft, before a live audience. Witness the hidden magic of foley. Marvel at the madcap mayhem behind famous (and infamous) films. From Hollywood classics to B-movie clangers, you’ll hear thunderclaps, gunshots, broken glass and breaking hearts, as Dusty’s spectacular live sound effects put the emotion into motion pictures.

Poster design by Samuel St Leger.