Defiance was a persistent science fiction world from SyFy and Trion, where TV show and video game shared an immersive and mutually-reponsive storyline. Frank was creative lead on a 360 content campaign: devising and scripting online videos, TVCs, and an animated graphic novel. The resulting content earned Best Overall Campaign at the Game Connection Marketing Awards.

Von Bach Industries

Fans were introduced to a mysterious tech company, Von Bach Industries. A series of videos teased the Defiance backstory while introducing in-game weaponry and tech, starting with the mysterious nano-weapon, the EGO.


Ark Hunter Chronicles

The serialized adventures of three Ark Hunters in a animated graphic novel. Fans immediately noticed the heroine from VBI’s EGO video and the three would go on to star in the Live Action Launch Trailer. The characters were so popular that Devs included their costumes and weapons as in-game loot, if you know where to find them.


Live Action Launch Trailer

The three Ark Hunters biggest adventure was the Live Action Launch Trailer, achieving AAA standout in a brutally competitive month (with Bioshock, Tomb Raider and CoD all launching in the same period). The campaign exceeded Trion's target of 1m players at launch, rising to 10m active players shortly thereafter.